Tennis Court Rules

  1. All players must register at the Tennis Pro Shop prior to playing on the courts. The registering player must list his/her name and member number and identify all persons in his/her party, including whether they are members or guests. A court fee of $10.00 shall be charged for each guest by the Tennis Pro at the time of registration.  All nonmembers must be accompanied by a memberand may play tennis twice a month.  
  2. A list of charges for private and group lessons, guest court fees, ball machine rental, and racquet stringing will be posted in the Pro Shop. Non-members will be charged an extra $5.00 for private lessons, and an extra $2.00 per hour for clinics and camps.
  3. Appropriate tennis attire shall be worn on the courts at all times. Street clothing is not considered proper tennis attire. Swimming suits, with or without a cover top, are not allowed.
  4. Regulation tennis shoes must be worn in the court area. Other shoes will damage the surface of our courts and may not be used.
  5. As a courtesy to other players, and the safety of our members, it is requested that the court area be occupied by players only.  Non-playing children and adults should be off the playing area.
  6. There shall be no food on the court.
  7. Playing time will commence on the hour and half-hour. Your court will be given to waiting players if you fail to claim your reservations ten minutes after your starting time.
  8. Please cancel if you can not play as reserved. Reservations will be refused for anyone who repeatedly wastes court time in this way. 
  9. Courtesy should prevail concerning court usage. Any problems that you have concerning the tennis courts or the tennis court operation will be attended to in a prompt and efficient manner and should be brought to the attention of the Tennis Pro, the Tennis Committee Chairman, or the Board of Directors. 
  10. When court time is not reserved, courts will be used by members on a first-come, first-served basis.
  11. The Tennis Pro and Tennis Committee reserve the right to determine whether players on the court are abiding by the rules. Anyone interfering with the enjoyment of others or endangering safety will be requested to leave the court area.

 Hours are dependent on weather and staffing.