Club House Rules

The Club House shall be under the supervision of the Dining Room/Bar Manager at the direction of the Chairman of the Club House Committee. Members will be admitted every day except Mondays from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Unless by prior arrangement with the Dining Room/Bar Manager, no meals shall be served after 8:30 p.m. During winter months, the Club House will be closed one additional day each week. See the monthly newsletter and website for actual hours of operation.

The following persons are entitled to the use of the Club House and golf course subject to the By-Laws and House and Ground Rules. Members of all classes. Members’ sons and daughters under 21 years of age or under 25 years of age and a full-time student. Social Members and their families are not entitled to the privileges of the golf course as a part of their memberships.

The Bar will be operated in strict compliance with Federal and State laws. Beer and wine only will be sold by the bottle for consumption on the premises. No intoxicating liquor will be sold to minors or consumed by minors on the Club premises.

Dining Room
Fifteen percent will be added to all dining room checks and this amount is paid by the Club to the serving employees as a tip.

Reservations should be made for use of the Dining Room, Lounge, and Sun Downer. Those having reservations will be served first, and in the order of their reservations. Any reservations shall be canceled if not availed of within one-half hour after the time reserved. Reservations for special events must be canceled at least 24 hours in advance or the member making the reservations will be charged the cost of the meal for each reservation not canceled. Bonafide emergency situations will be given consideration.

The "Use It or Lose It" is $160.00 per quarter (Beginning July 2014) and applies to all Resident, Resident Firm, Surviving Spouse, Social, and Junior Members. However, the "Use It or Lose It" for Surviving Spouse Members will be 50% of the "Use It or Lose It" for Resident Full or Firm Members.

If members notify the Accounting Office in writing and prior to January 1st, that they will be out of town for at least 60 days during the first quarter of the year, their "Use It or Lose It" for the first quarter will be extended to the second quarter. They will then need to use $320.00 by June 30th (Beginning Quarter 2, 2014).

Statements of members? accounts will be emailed or mailed (in special cases) about the first of the month, and cash accounts are due and payable upon receipt. Accounts not paid within 30 days from the statement date will be assessed a finance charge. After 60 days, accounts not paid will be considered delinquent. Delinquent accounts will be notified that they have 15 days to pay their account in full. Accounts not paid in full within 75 days from the statement date may be posted on the Club?s bulletin board and all privileges will be suspended. If payment in full is not made within 90 days from the statement date, the Board may, at its discretion, turn the account over for collection or legal action.

Upon suspension, termination or resignation, all amounts due the Club for dues, house accounts, assessments, charges, or otherwise shall immediately become due and payable.

Any person residing in or within twenty-five (25) miles of Cheyenne may be entertained as a guest in the Club House at any time under the following conditions:

  1. Each guest shall be accompanied by the inviting member or one of his/her immediate family who is entitled to the privileges of the Club.
  2. Except as provided in (3) below, the same person may not be a guest more than once in any one calendar month.
  3. Functions where twelve (12) or more are invited shall not be considered in applying the limitations on Resident Guests in (2) above.

Any member of the Club, by application to the Board of Directors, may extend guest privileges to any person residing more than twenty-five (25) miles from Cheyenne for a period not to exceed two weeks, and, upon application, the President may extend this time for an additional two weeks. No member may extend these privileges to more than two guests at any one time. No person may be allowed such guest privileges more than once in each year. All charges for meals, buffet charges, and green fees for his/her guest must be paid by the sponsoring member, and no guests shall be permitted to pay any such charges. Before the guest privileges shall be extended to a guest, the member sponsoring him/her must, in writing, assume full responsibility for the guest upon a form to be provided by the management.

No Club entertainment shall be given or designated as such without prior approval of the Dining Room/Bar Manager.

The Dining Room/Bar Manager must be given at least 24 hours notice of special meals or parties of more than twelve (12) persons. Use of the Club for entertainment of guests must necessarily be such as will not deprive other members of reasonable use of the Club facilities.

No organization or group as such shall be granted the use of the Club House. Members may, of course, entertain a group or organization as they would any other list of guests and subject to the same rules that apply to all guests.

Animals will not be permitted in any part of the Club House except for service dogs. No employee of the Club shall play cards or other games in the Club House. Minors will not be permitted in the Lounge unless accompanied by their parent(s).

Effective July 2010. NO DOGS will be allowed on the golf course between March 1st and October 1st.

The Club will not be responsible for injury to persons or for the loss, theft, or damage to property of any kind belonging to members, guests, visitors, or employees.

If any Club property is lost or damaged by a member or his guest, such member shall be liable therefore and the amount thereof will be billed to the responsible member’s account.

All charges must be paid by members and no guests shall be permitted to pay any charges whatsoever. Members shall always be responsible for the entertainment, expenditures, and good conduct of guests sponsored by them.