Golf Course Rules and Regulations - 2019

The golf course daily play is subject to the following:
May 1st to October 1st:
Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays……..Open Play-No person under 18 years permitted                                                                                  on Golf Course  until 11:00 a.m.
Mondays-------------------------- Open Play
Tuesdays------------------------- Open Play
Wednesdays--------------------- 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. –
                                         Women and their NON-RESIDENT GUESTS only –
                                         18 years old minimum
Thursdays------------------------- Noon until closing – Men only. Ladies and Junior golfers
                                         under 18 must tee off by 11:00 a.m.
Fridays----------------------------- Open Play
  • Golf bag storage in the lockers is prohibited.
  • Starting times may be obtained through the Pro Shop no earlier than 24 hours in advance.
  • The Golf Course Superintendent (and in his absence the Golf Professional) is sole judge of when the course may be closed on account of rain or other weather conditions, and his decision will be FINAL.
  • The use of “Golf Range Balls” on the golf course is strictly prohibited. Violators will be dealt with through the Board of Directors.
  • USGA Rules will be in effect.
  • Pull carts and rental carts must be kept away from greens and tees and fringes. Rental carts will observe route markers.
  • Please help keep our course clean from litter, cups, bottles, etc., and make use of litter barrels provided on each hole.
  • Play beginning on #10 hole allowed only at the discretion of the Golf Professional. Do not hold up play. Slow players MUST allow other players through.
  • No more than two persons and two bags may ride on or in rental carts.
  • All rounds must adhere to the four hour round of golf. More than one (1) violation of this rule will result in restricted playing time.
  • In-town guests may play one (1) time per calendar month.
  • All golfers are required to register at the Pro Shop before teeing off.
  • Five-somes are allowed as long as they ride and adhere to the four (4) hour round of golf. NO Six-somes
  • One of the individuals on the golf cart must be 19 years of age and assume all responsibility for damages to the cart.
  • Dress Code is in effect 12 months a year.
  • Only proper golf attire may be worn on the golf course.
  • Proper golf attire for men consists of collared shirt, professionally cut crews, slacks, jeans, and shorts of medium length. (T-shirts, jean cut-offs, sweat pants, and short shorts are not permitted.) This applies to all Junior Golfers as well.
  • Proper attire for women consists of blouses, slacks, shorts, skirts, and shorts of medium length. (Tank tops or halter tops, spandex, sweat pants, and short shorts are not permitted.) This applies to all Junior Golfers as well.
  • All golfers must wear spike-less or rubber soled shoes.
  • Metal spikes are prohibited.
  • Any attire that the Cheyenne Country Club (CCC) management deems as inappropriate for the golf course will not be allowed.
  • Please be advised that these dress code restrictions apply to all members and guests in all golfing areas. This includes the putting and chipping green and the driving range.
  1. Clear the green after your group is finished. Do your scorekeeping on the next tee so the group behind you can continue play.
  2. Do not delay at the turn. If you delay between the 9th and 10th holes, you will lose your spot. You should not take more than five (5) minutes after you finish on the 9th green and when you tee off on the 10th.
  3. When using a golf cart make sure to drop your cart partner off at his ball and then go to your ball. There is no reason for you to sit and watch another when you could be planning your next shot.
  4. Line up your putt before it is your turn. While your playing partner is putting his/her ball, line up your putt so you are immediately ready when your partner is done.
  5. Play at a suitable time for your ability. If you are an inexperienced golfer and are concerned about your speed, try to avoid peak playing times when the course is very busy and you may be excessively pushed by more experienced players.
  6. If you are finished playing, walk or drive your cart in.
  7. Do not skip or play holes out of sequence as it may cause you to cut in front of another group. Below is a plan of how to play in four (4) hours.
ACCEPTABLE           PAR 3’S              PAR 4’S               PAR 5's
   4 HOURS                 11 MIN.              13 MIN.               16 MIN.
1ST HOLE      5TH TEE       9TH TEE      14TH TEE      18TH TEE
ASSIGNED      51 MIN.        107 MIN.       171 MIN.         240 MIN.
You will be reminded of registration and posting of scores by your Pro and his
assistant. It is the earnest desire of your golf chairpersons, that all golfers establish an official handicap this year. All members are asked to cooperate in turning in all scores upon completion of play. Scores will be inserted after each name following play. After a minimum number of rounds, handicaps will be computed and posted monthly.

Handicap cards shall cost $40.00.

Sufficient watering during the season cannot be completely supplied during night hours. The need for fertilization and other maintenance demands, on occasion, will necessitate losing one nine. One nine must be closed to play; at such times the
alternate nine will be open.
Large...............................................................................................$125.00 for the year
Small.................................................................................................$75.00 for the year